Manjaro 22.0

\o/ Kool! \o/

For all of you bored by Minty’s perfection and ready for the next step (not up, there is no thing such as up in Linux!), little Phil had just announced the release of Manjo’s latest release, 22.0. If you wanna switch to Manjaro now’s the goodest time for that endeavour … LOL. Trust me, if you were involved in Linux you’d find that funny, too.

And, please remember, for those of us already on Manjaro there is no need to hectically install this latest snapshot, our rolling systems will automagically be upgraded in the next couple days. That’s acshually one of the many reasons why we love Arch-y distros so much.

As you might know, Becca and Orca are the super duper koolest kidz on the blog, we keep on rolling, rolling, rolling … and so can you! πŸ™‚ Grab your ISO from hereabouts:

Merry Linuxy Xmas!

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