Oubaas Therapy: Semi Finished

Looks like I’ll get old Ouby back today, so I have something to drive around during the holidays. ETA according to Koos “within the hour”. But then he’s African and we all know what happens to most man-made plans.

In the meantime feast your eyes on some roughies:

Front panel still misses 2 small portholes and paintjob.
They are putting new gaskets in the barn doors?
The rearview camera will have to find a new, better integrated home somewhere else. I guess Koos wanted to build a spoiler or sumsuch. Notice Koos’s finger in the lens?
The clip-on rearview mirror is also partly screen of the cameras.
Looks a bit like a yacht, doesn’t it? Me likey. πŸ˜‰
Merry Xmas from happy survivor Oubaas and always grumpy Koos.

Y’all noticed how the dirty lens makes reasonable photos when outside, and light is good?

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