Is Linux Mint BETTER Than Windows?

Now that’s a nice surprise. Linus Tech Tips was never a real Linux frenly YT channel, and Linus and Luke kinda fuxxed up the most basic tasks when they tried to work on Linux distros. These guys are PC experts; probably they made life too hard and complicated for themselves. Although Luke, who tried Mint, was a bit more successful than Linus.

Fortunately they have Antony, a Linux frenly geek who made this nice introductory video about Linux Mint. And it comes just at the right time as a Xmas prezzie to yourself, no?

Watch and learn:

Is Linux Mint the best operating system you’re not using?

What a monster I’d be if I wouldn’t give you the download link to Linux Mint?

Now you wanna know how to install the Minty Goodness on your hardware, right?

Cool project for the Xmas holidays. Get it on now!

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