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Mornin’ comrades!

Me’s gonna remove one item from this blog’s sidebar, over there –>. What, no, not the Palestinian thing. I’ll stand with them as long as the Israeli fascist genocide continues. And I won’t remove the Assange thing neither; not until he’s freed! But what I’ll do away with is the Ukrainian Empire Narratives meme.

No, I won’t stand with empire narratives no longer. 😉

I guess by now even the slowest kidz in class will have noticed a couple things:

  • The good guys will win!
  • Nobody really cares about the troublesome Ukraine. That country was already lost in 2009. And by now even the most pro-western govts are slowing down their support for the lost cause.
  • The collective West is tattered, Europe has ruined itself, Washington has gained a short-term victory.
  • NATO is not at all what it’s cracked up to be but nothing than a badly organized mafia structure. They can’t meet Zelensky’s demands fast enough, not in the needed quantities and quality. And they don’t dare facing Russia directly on the battlefield.
  • Zelensky’s a fascist leader! I know Washington loves to to use fascists as handpuppets but by now the people have gotten wise to their game. We know what you’re up to, sleepy Joe! You’re ordering Zelensky to sacrifice thousands of hardly trained n00bie soldiers more in the meatgrinder of Bakhmut, where the Ukro army makes its last stand.
  • By now everybody should’ve noticed that Ukraine is nothing but a stand in for a much bigger, global conflict: It’s the North/West vs the South/East. As usual a non-needed conflict, one the collective West has started … and the East will win.

We can only look at it from the outside and shake our heads over the boneheaded stupidity of our Western leaders. That’s why I remove the Empire Narratives graphic. It serves no purpose anymore and only deflects your attention from more pressing issues.

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