Manjaro Update 21.12.22

Yeah, they still love and care about me over at Manjaro headquarters. And extra special for me they packed a lovely curated package for the probably last system update before Xmas.

Latest Linux kernel extra special for little Orcsi!

But wait, there is more! Apart from the geeky shit, like Kernel and libraries n stuff, we also got an updated Warpinator (hubby and me, we love that thing!), updates to Aisle Riot Solitaire (don’t say Orca ain’t a gamer grrl) and the inevitable Firefox (pfff :() update, and other more or less useful shite.

Thank you very much, Little Phil and other Manjo devs and retainers. Have a nice Xmas and a splendid New Year.

Dear Windowers, tell me, does Microsoft love you, too?

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