Namibia holds the power to push Europe into darkness

Haha! I’d be laughing if I wasn’t a fokken European Gerwoman myself. And see my govt throwing my pension money outta the window. :/

Russia supplied nearly 70% of the European Union’s coal thermal imports last year but the supply was halted in the backdrop of Ukraine-Russia crisis. Therefore, the bloc is attempting to quell the crisis brought on by Moscow’s coal supply cuts. As a result, in an effort to diversify their energy supplies, European nations made an effort to engage with Africa. Watch video to know more.

Hubby and me have already jokingly talked about selling our house, packing our shit in and moving to Namibia. Swakopmund is such a nice little town and we could spend the rest of our days sandboarding the dunes and eating fresh fish every day. And they have no power-outages!

Unfortunately for the EU are Namibia and its neighbour South Africa good friends with Russia, so Uschi shouldn’t expect any favours.

Maybe we should switch into semi-joking mode soon? :/

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