“Linux Is Hard To Use” – It’s 2022 Stop The BS Already

Thank You Troy of eBuzz YouTube channel, for clearing up and doing away with some stupid bullshit opinions. Looksee this:

Quick opinion video on the ease of use of Linux. People nowadays still believe that Linux is hard to use and this is definitely misinformation. Please take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below.

“Linux is easy” is easy to say for Troy and Orca. We’re using this stuff since many years. Buuut so can you. And so will you in a couple years. Ask Becca if she regrets having done the quantum leap from Win to Mint to Manjaro. I guess not.

And the best thing is nobody’s forcing you into using Linux and giving up on your comfy Windows. Why don’t you run both? It’s what many users do in the beginning. So did I and used Windows 90% of the time … in the first 2 weeks. 😮 No shame, it’s okay. Only that after a while you just don’t wanna use clunky Windows no more.

And again, go ask Neil if he ever uses the terminal. I mean, he’s got about twelve dozens of old laptops on various Linuxes (even old 32-bit laptops) and tells me he’s too lazy to memorize the commands so he does everything with mouseclicks … the Windows way. You can do that in Linux!

And so would I if my Linux guruine hadn’t put me thru the command line wringer and I hadn’t learned to love and adore the elegant simplicity of getting stuff done in terminal. Does that make me a nerd? Absolutely. But not a geek tho. As a geek I’d understand all the commands I’m typing in Terminal. Well, I don’t; I just enjoy watching the magic happen after I typed some cryptic commands on my screen. 😉

So people, I gave you the two most important links to follow in your life a bit above here, why don’t you just klik them and get into the Linux movement?

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