Dream on Dreamer *EDIT*

Edited for geographical confuzzlement.

“once Moscow is defeated in Ukraine”, Olaf? Really. You on bad drugs, my son?

“Scholz described the current conflict as an attempt by President Vladimir Putin to re-create a Russian Empire that is destroying the country’s future instead, and accused Moscow of atrocities against Ukrainian civilians. Russia must not win “and Russia will not win, either,” he told the business group.”

What now? Why don’t you stop spreading such stupid lies, fukka, get off your high horse and look for the real culprits on the other side of the Atlantic. The Ukraine conflict was fabricated. Not by Russia but by the clique around Victoria Nuland in Washington D.C. Every little kid could tell you that much, all you have to do is open your ears and your dark soul.

Tell me Olaf how about you crawl on your knees to Moscow, ask for Putin’s forgiveness and if he can please be so nice to sell you some LNG? Because that is the only realistic scenario, the only possible outcome for Germany and the rest of the fuxn EU.

Coz, let’s face it, in case you haven’t heard the news yet, Russia’s not to be defeated in Ukraine. Absolutely not. But Ukraine, due to Merkel’s sabotage and America’s refusal to listen and negotiate, will cease to exist in the next couple months. Russians are angry now! And peed off to no end. No, not even Poland and the Checzs Romania and Hungary will get their traditional pieces of Ukraine back, not without negotiations; it will be part of the Russian Federation from now on. Good and proper. And open for business with everybody. Yes, even with Germany, Olaf, if you don’t behave like a spazz. Maybe get rid of Annalenchen and Habeck, that’ll be a good start.

But Olaf, tell my why you think Putin would be interested in commencing business with Germany again? The Russians have found better, more reliable customers for their LNG; friendly nations, not shaky candidates like the EU.

TL;DR: Russia’s not to be fucked with!

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