Second Life’s Lab Gab – WAARHEID

Strawberry has Huck, Caitlin and AJ over for a talk/promo about Waarheid, Huck’s latest feature-length film. Of course was Berry playing a role in the movie herself.

Can we call this a circle jerk? 😮

Tune in to Second Life’s Lab Gab on Friday, December 9th at 10am PT. The cast of WAARHEID will be on to give you a behind-the-scenes look at this feature-length sci-fi movie shot entirely in Second Life by machinima creator Huckleberry Hax!

Informative links:
WAARHEID Premiere Info:
WAARHEID Premiere Destination:…
STÖMOL (full feature):
WAARHEID trailer April 2022:
Huckleberry Hax’s blog:
Watch WAARHEID here:

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