WAARHEID – sneak preview clip

Huckleberry Hax’s second big movie production will premiere soon in Second Life. In the title role we’ll see his partner in crime Caitlin Tobias. Read all about it in Hux’s blog:

What the Huck?

We’re getting within touching distance of the release of WAARHEID. We’ll be talking to Strawberry Linden on this Friday’s episode of LabGab, and then it’s just a few more days to go until the big inworld premiere (Thursday 15 December) and then the YouTube premiere the following day (Friday 16 December). More details on those dates here.

And today I’m releasing a sneak preview clip. This scene comes about halfway through the movie and shows the moment that Waarheid (Caitlin Tobias) meets Totuus (AvaJean Westland). Enjoy!

And, in case you haven’t seen it, there’s a trailer for WAARHEID here.

And, of course, WAARHEID is a sequel to my 2020 movie, STÖMOL. If you haven’t watched that yet (or have and would like to remind yourself what happened) then you can watch that here.

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