Dancing in the Dark

This is, as sad as it sounds, a telltale sign that Ukraine faces its last days as a sovereign country. In truth we all know it had lost that status at the Maidan massacre in 2014, so this are just the last nerve spasms of the already dead body.

This video was made on order of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. Rather tone-deaf ain’t it?

No shit. Every day thousands of Ukro soldiers are being sacrificed for no gain, just because the White House told them all will end well. And the Ukro govt has no better plans than producing some dance porn? Have they no decency?

And if that dancy girl is a real soldier I eat my sombrero!

You remember whistlin’ a happy tune when your dad sent you down in the dark basement to get a new case of beer? It was sooooo spooky, right? But whistling helped keeping the ghosts in the shadows. And what the Ukro defense dept does right now follows the same childish logic. 😦


  1. In the 1994 Budapest Memorandum Russia committed “to respect the independence and sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine” and “to refrain from the threat or use of force” against the country. Those assurances played a key role in persuading the Ukrainian government in Kyiv to give up what amounted to the world’s third largest nuclear arsenal, consisting of some 1,900 strategic nuclear warheads.

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    • Yes. And?
      Russia stayed true to the memorandum, America didn’t. Again and again. Russia has no use for the shithole Ukraine, never wanted it, still doesn’t want it now. Remember this started as a SMO, a Special Military Operation, an emergency action against the genocide of mainly Russian population in Donbass. Only after Kiev refused to stop the shelling and negotiate (Washington forbid Zelensky to negotiate but told him to keep going on with the murdering) Moscow decided to go further.

      On Crimea they supported the people’s referendum and also defended their own interests. Remember Russia’s Black Sea naval fleet’s headquarters are in Sevastopol/Crimea. It was a good business renting the premises, barracks and harbour out to Russia, everybody was happy … only America was not.

      Similar with Odessa, which was always a pride of Russia. They take it back now since they are so cocky. I kinda love that attitude.

      The 1,900 nukes are gone and destroyed. They never were Ukrainian property but Soviet. Russia collected them not only from Ukraine but from all Warsaw Pact states. They also took their troops out. Aren’t you happy about the Russians making the world a safer place?

      And btw, after the Warsaw Pact packed it in in – was it 2001 or so? – the whole world was pheew, now we can get rid of NATO, too. Saves lot of taxpayers money, no? Why are they still in existence? And not only that, why are they crouching steadily eastwards, breaking their own vow of “not a single step east of Berlin”.


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