Manjaro Early December Update

Since Manjaro ain’t Windows but a lovely curated Linux distro we don’t go like “Growl” …

… but “Aaaawe” every time we notice the little red update symbol in the system tray on our screen.

What does Manjo have in store for us besides the usual candidates and hundreds of libraries and other stuffy geek stuff?

An incremental update to the Linux Kernel 6 from 6.0.6-1 to 6.0.8-1.

And after the mandatory reboot …

… we see it installed automagically! Don’t get me wrong, Manjaro would never force a new kernel on us, neither a bigger incremental leap. That’s why the experts say it’s not Arch Linux. But those very small steps, they don’t wanna bugger us with but just do it as part of the maintenance.

Now let the blogging proceed …

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