Derek’s Tier List

Derek of the DT YouTube channel is a very opinionated man. Sometimes I could kiss and cuddle him for being soooo right and absolutely sharing my opinion, other times I just wanna slap him around his stoopid bald head.

Now he’s made a tier list of Linux Desktop Environments, and again my opinion differs a lot from his … or no, it doesn’t differ so much as I just have a different bias from him. I don’t care for a modern look and feel, so for me Mate – when customized just right – is the bestest DE evaaar! LOL

My Tier List For Linux Desktop Environments

It’s time for another one of my tier list rankings. This time, I’m going to give my tier list ranking for desktop environments available on Linux. Two things to note are (1) I’m not a desktop environment user myself, and (2) these kinds of tier list videos are all subjective opinion.

Wanna see Orca’s tier list?


GOOD: Cinnamon, KDE

OK: Xfce

Meh: LXQt


Disclaimer: I don’t have enough experience with the other DEs and from the little testing I did on some I find them mostly yucky. And GNOME was, as Derek pointed out, total crap when it first came around. I tried and dismissed it back then and haven’t found a reason yet to try it again. If ever I’m gonna switch DEs again I’ll follow Becca’s and hubby’s example and install KDE.

Fellow Linux bloggies, what are your thoughts about Derek’s list and how would your tier list look like? Your answers, as always, go down in the comment section. Thank You.

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