The Most Important Question

… in the Linux-verse, and for all Linux users …

Linux Mint 21 or LMDE 5 – what to take?

Hello folks. The Linux distro Linux Mint appears in two editions. One is based on Ubuntu, the other on Debian. Both are actively maintained and thus receive the same application layer from Linux Mint. So all the goodies from Linux Mint. Now we try to resolve this in-house competitive situation and give a clear answer to the question of whether you should use the normal Linux Mint edition or the LMDE is better for you.

This decision every Mint user has to take is not dealt with nearly often enough. Thx to the FOSS & Linux channel for bringing it up.

Me, I’m fine, glad to be out of the Deb/Ubu realm since my second week on Linux, but for most of y’all this is really an existential question. So if you wanna stay with Mint – which is honestly very very good btw – you gotta deal with this fork in the road.

Super duper stable granpa Debian or slightly more floozy auntie Ubuntu?

See, for me it’s not so much a technical question but more a developmental sociological one. As a newborn Linux baby most of you are kinda thrown into Mint, and most prolly you choose the standard Ubu version. Then when you reach puberty you become a smart aleck, experiment with drugs Arch Linux for all your adult life. Until it breaks for the umpteenth time and you just wanna get your stable, unbreakable Linux back. So you install Mint again, only this time the Debian LMDE version. This signals to the world that we all can lick your wrinkly old ass.

That a good theory?

All you users of the Minty goodness out there, please let your fellow bloggies know which path you choose to follow, and why. See down there, underneath this blog entry, there is a comment section where you can utter your opinion. It’s what it’s made for. Use it!

I guess Neil is proudly on LMDE, no?

The rest of you?


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