Fire! … again :(

😮 Not even 50 meters from our complex entrance gates:

I’m not a racist. But …. No! I know after such a start any sentence can only become terribly racist. So, yes, without having any more info I know exactly that all those wildfires are started by black vagrants. They come from the Eastern Cape to the big city, expecting jobs and easy money and end up disappointed. And then they start a criminal drug career which often makes them do stupid stuff. 😦
But the firefighters came quickly from what I can see in the pics. Nevertheless, this happens much too often lately. Much too many people around here, no jobs, no money, rising crime. This feels a bit like a siege. This ain’t why we moved from the innercity crime problems into the untroubled, clean suburbs. 😐
4 or 5 years ago: Oubaas at the same location of the firetruck.

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