There Goes the Neighbourhood

Fresh artwork on the perimeter wall. 😉 Could’ve been the kidz of the complex.

One could ask management why they lay important cables on the outside of the complex walls, right. Prolly so they don’t need to enter people’s gardens. But it’s a bit like we’re advertising free stuff to grab from our little walled village. This actually feels like we are permanently besieged, particularly with the fast growing homeless population of our suburb.

This guy was ripping out security camera cables just this morning. 😮 Is that a funny cigarette he’s smoking there?

With Ouby in therapy we order our groceries from a courier service, just in case any of you guys wonder why I don’t walk the not even half a mile distance to the nearest convenience store anymore. That app is so fuxn convenient and practical. We tried it first during lockdown, and still use it for times when we don’t have access to a vehicle. I mean, if you don’t mind you editrix blogging raped and with countless knives in the back it would be ok. But you know, I’m doing this all just for you! 🙂

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