DistroWatch Shower Thoughts

Shower thought 1: No change in the Top 5.

Shower thought 2: Fedora pushed ole Ubuntu down to #7. Doesn’t matter since Fedora just released a new version and rides high on its 15 minutes in the sun.

Shower thought 3: Mint on 3# bugs me ever since it landed in that spot. Belongs on #1! It really is that good, a bonafide Linux for the people! And I bet if Clem would steer the humble ship Mint in a slightly different direction, it could easily get up to #1 again. Again? Yes, I guess Mint resided in that spot for a while, no? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

And how could Mint get into #1 again?

Maybe by making LMDE – the Debian edition – its main distro, and slowly phase the Ubuntu-based traditional Mint out. Re-introduce Mate, Xfce and – very important – KDE Plasma desktops to LMDE as well and put all your efforts into this kinda newly re-invented distro.

How long could MX possibly withstand this onslaught of goodness? Hah! 🙂

Shower thought 4: In extension we would see a fukn seismic shift in the Linux-verse. Minty on #1, maybe even on #1 and #2, when Clem makes a new distro for just the LMDE spin. They will be schlepping trusty old Manjo behind on #2 or #3. EOS can follow on #3, respectively #4, and the rest … don’t matter.

Shower thought 5: I couldn’t resist and checked where all those Linuxes originate from. MX is listed as Greece/USA, Endeavour comes out of the Netherlands with some help from Germany and its Arch base from Canada. Mint is based in Ireland (with Ubuntu roots in South Africa/England and Debian code from Global). And Manjaro is an Austrian, French, German co-op with its Arch code-base from Canada. Pop!_OS is American with South African/English Ubuntu-base. Which makes Linux one of the very few computer things with no overwhelming emphasis on America.

Linux people of the blog, what’s your opinion of my Minty idea? You agree? Apart from that, do I put too much significance on a fantasy chart?

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