The Problem With Distro Hopping

… isn’t a problem at all!

But let’s first have a peek at the latest video by The Linux Cast:

And now let me start at the beginning: I have no idea why little body-positive-guy named his video in such way when he’s indeed a fanatical distro hopper. What I always forget to tell you when I lay out your Linux journey for you, is that particularly in your early days of Linux life,

you should distro hop.

A lot!

Try it all out; dozens of Ubuntu- and Debian based distros, Red Hat and SUSE based, Arches and Slackware and exotic stuff as well.

And, for pete’s sake, sniff into all available desktop environments and managers. You know it won’t cost you anything but gives you a lot of experience and sensitivity for all the different look and feels Linux has to offer. Once you’ve test-driven 10 – 20 distros you’ll know what they all have in common and where they differ.

And with a high chance you’ll find out that Orca’s recommended path, Mint –> Manjaro, both on Cinnamon DE, is absolutely not your thang and you’re far better off with a Debian spin on KDE Plasma. But in order to come to that conclusion you first had to install and try it out. Right?

It won’t hurt you to invest a lot of time into distro hopping, that much we know now. Unfortunately it means for most reasonably sane earthlings to override your old distro with the new one. Which means you might not be able to get your stuff done in your usual workflow for a while. Either until you have re-esablished your work environment on the new distro or deleted it and are back on your familiar distro.

I that case may I recommend you to become a whackadoodle and buy one more computing machine? Goodwill store down the block will surely have a bunch of old crappy lappies which are good enough to install Linuxes on and play around with them. Can’t go much wrong when you buy a 20 Do$$ar computer. Just have the clerk start it up for you, see if all goes smoothly and you’re good. Perfect solution since you can leave your main “production machine” untouched and always ready to jump into action. Just make sure to only buy Lenovo, HP and Dell, the rest is crapola. :/

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