Please Stop

Stop telling me the heroic Ukrainians suffer from the evil Russian invasion. Up to 4 – 5 weeks ago nearly all the fighting was done in the Donbass region, which contains the 2 breakaway people’s republics Donetsk and Lugansk. The population is at least 90% Russian, and they are the true victims in this conflict.

The very few true Ukrainians who are truly Ukrainians have fled from Donbass to Ukraine proper long ago, since they were shelled by their own army.

All the photos of bombed buildings and dead bodies you have seen until now were all from the Donbass, and other Russian areas (Mariupol, Kherson), not from Ukraine proper. All the houses were bombed by NATO grenades, all the people shot with NATO ammunition.

When empire narratives aren’t holding up: Here again we see a lot of dead Russian civilians, not proud Ukrainians.

No investigations, no court cases, no official documents. When some Ukro nazi asshole thinks you might be a collaborator you’re good as dead. 😦 And that, my dear frens, that is what divides Ukrainian thugs from the troops of the Russian Federation. They don’t go after civilians, and all POWs are treated according to the Geneva convention.

And this is how Ukro soldiers treat Russian POWs. 😮

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