Oubaas Therapy: One Monthivary

Oct. 26 I posted the first photo of Oubaas getting worked on with a can opener.

… and today, exactly one month later, the hi top already looks like almost done. Windows are cut out, rear spoiler is on, no idea how the front panel looks like. Koos Whatsapped me about having some challenges with the roof … and he has two other client cars he needs to prepare for collection. So we won’t go out today for more parts shopping. 😦

BTW, no fear, the roof won’t be black. This is a just a protective coat. In the end it’ll be créme with a narrow azure stripe, following the paint scheme of the body.


    • Today marks his monthivary in the shop. Koos said he wanted to do it as quick as possible but I was calming him down, saying better work good than speedy. And he’s kinda artist with these things, having built some race cars for himself and his son. These things take time you know. It’s all bespoke made, there won’t be any Ford Transit with my roof configuration anywhere else on the planet.

      Also he must think about his day by day operation since Ouby ain’t the only car in the shop. And then there’s a wobbly supply chain in these post-covid times. We’re waiting for some amber running lights since 3 weeks or so already. See, the big stuff goes remarkably fast but it’s the small stuff, the shit you can hardly see that takes forever. Wires, electrics, perspex windows cut to size and shape, putting a reverse parking camera into the spoiler, glueing insulating carpetry in, testing waterproofiness …

      And whenever I receive a photo, like today, it’s online in my blog, like, 5 minutes later. We’re no slouches here. =^.^= Since this job started I posted 10 times about it. That’s more than 2 “Oubaas Therapy” posts a week. I’m soooo friggin’ excited …


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