Is Linux Mint a Respin or Distro?


Kent, what are you doing this for? Asking a worthless question with a useless answer that is only good for destroying the self-confidence of Minty users.

But let’s watch nevertheless:

Kent is correct.

Everybody knows that. Even your stupid editreuse.

I always said that Mint is Ubuntu with racing stripes (and a sunroof, and metallic paint, and AC and stereo system and built-in kitchen and wall system and extra-wide tyres). Aaaand, what is very important – very very! – Clem and his gang even made a fancy Debian version for Mint, just in order to demonstrate their independence from mommy Ubuntu!

That is something, is it not?

Ubuntu on the other hand is losely based on Debian but deviated from it in enough ways so we can call it a distribution of its own, particularly since it spawned dozens and dozens of new distros/respins.

One of them being Linux Mint.

But then Mint itself spawned some distros as well. Peppermint and FerenOS for example. If I wanted to make another respin/flavour of Ubuntu I’d start from Mint as well, not from Ubuntu.

Why? Because it is so much besterer than Ubuntu.

And that is what counts! Right?

What do Minty users care if they are on a distro or just a respin? They know they have and are working on a clearly better product!

And now be careful as I enter the frozen pond without knowing if the ice will carry me: Ubuntu is a commercial product, love it or hate it. It’s made and maintained by Canonical Ltd., a for profit enterprise. It may have a vast community structure but that community doesn’t have a voice in Ubuntu’s developmental direction.

Mint is truly independent. I rather prefer that mindset.

And then … fuk all of that! We are grrls, we do what we wanna do, not what fat geeks like Kent are allowing us to do. And therefor we leave the whole universe of sadness that is Ubuntu/Debian behind and are super duper happy on Manjaro. πŸ™‚

And we don’t even fight for recognition as a Arch Linux distro. Shit werkz and makes us very happy. And we can blog on it. Good enough.

Bye now.

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