Good for South Africa

The richie riches are just the trendsetters for now. Sooner or later everybody with something to lose will have to get out of the self-destroying EU.

Will they migrate to the US?

LOL, you kiddin’?

Australia, New Zealand then?

Naaw. They’re bound to go under with the combined West.

No, people will move to the infamous shitholes of the world, where the weather is great, people are nice and stupid, and livin’ is easy and cheap. I hear Morocco, Belize, Russia, China, south-east Asian tiger states, and South Africa, Namibia and Botswana are high on the list of desired destinations.


    • Belize is cool since it’s a former British colony I guess, and peeps there do speeko da Inglisi. I guess the whole lifestyle in Belize is more British than Latin American.

      Portugal is nice, and living is affordable compared to most other EU countries. But in the end I predict they can’t escape Europe and will go down with the (mother)ship. Your neighbours better start learning Russian or Mandarin for a pleasant future in the multipolar world. 😐


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