This is Why

… nobody likes America:

US Vice-President Kamala Harris told Asian leaders on Friday that the US was committed to the region for the long haul, rejecting doubts about its engagement as China expands its clout.
Addressing a summit in Bangkok, Harris called the US a “proud Pacific power” and said that the long-standing US network of security alliances had allowed Asia to prosper.
“The United States is here to stay,” Harris told business leaders on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (Apec) summit, also attended by Chinese President Xi Jinping.
“Our message is clear: The United States has an enduring economic commitment to the Indo-Pacific, one that is measured not in years, but in decades and generations,” she said.
President Joe Biden’s administration has focused on rallying behind allies and Harris will head from Thailand to the Philippines, where she will visit an island near waters increasingly contested by Beijing.
While the US has taken a firm tone on China, some Asian officials have questioned the level of US economic engagement.
Biden has largely followed his predecessor Donald Trump in turning the page on the era of free-trade agreements, seeing them as unpopular among working-class US voters.
Harris insisted that economic partnerships in Asia were a priority for the Biden administration and pointed out that the US private sector invests around $1 trillion (about R17 trillion) a year in the region.
“America is a strong partner to the economies and companies of this region because America is and will remain a major engine of global growth, reinforced by our administration’s approach,” she said.
She said that goal had bipartisan support, with Washington set for greater gridlock after the rival Republican Party won control of the House of Representatives in elections last week.
On a trip to Tokyo earlier this year, Biden launched the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, which brings together countries to set common standards on technology and trade in the face of China’s rapid advances but stops short of lifting tariffs like a traditional free-trade deal.
“We are all feeling the discomfort and the anxiety of the global economy today,” US Trade Representative Katherine Tai said on Thursday.
“We need different outcomes, and that means that we also need to be innovating in how we engage each other in trade and economics and across the board,” she said.
Despite US vows of engagement, Biden skipped the Apec summit to attend his granddaughter’s wedding at the White House on Saturday.
He attended two other summits in Asia over the past week, however, in Cambodia and Indonesia.

So, the good Kamala “tells” the Asian countries what America’s gonna do.

She tells them!

But what if sovereign countries don’t like to be told?

I dunno about you, dear readers, but for me this sounds like a threat rather than a proposal for mutual benefiting cooperation. Fortunately are most Asian countries not in need of American investments anymore. We already notice that in Africa, where more and more countries are struggling themselves free from American influence. Because, contrary to Chinese investments, American investments always come with one or more caveats, with often hard to stomach consequences.

It’s like selling your soul to the devil. And who loves a devil?


  1. People around the world love America. But just as we Americans, everyone worldwide is tired of corruption except the NW0 promoters and benefactors.

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    • No. They love the idea of America, they love surfboards and skateboards, they love old Hollywood movies and old American cars and Harley-Davidsons, and death metal. They love an America that actually never existed.

      They don’t like the exploitation, the poor underdeveloped human rights and worker’s rights, and they hate your non-existent social insurance system. And they hate most of all your meddling in global affairs.

      But most of us couldn’t care less about your internal corruption problems.

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      • Right. However everywhere a corrupt downside of culture is happening globally. The signs of the end times are hurtful. My France and my Italy don’t glamour like they used to, they bear the same scars. Internal corruption is real.😔

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        • “My France and my Italy ”
          … are as much part of The West as my Deutschland is. And you know the ringleader of The West, dontcha? Boy do I miss the old times when our countries still had unique personalities, the carelessly chic Italy, the quirky France, the hardworking pleb Germany. Times we were not EU streamlined and US controlled. 😐

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          • Bingo! Unique personalities deteriorated with western commercialism. Fast foods America sprung up everywhere. And China stepped in and the ventures spread farther. My travel experiences became dull as the unique cultures diminished.😔

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            • I once was a glowing fan of the EU, loved the idea of passing borders without passport and no need to exchange currency, and everybody working together. Hard to imagine nowadays. A shame what Brussels’ commissaires made of it. Non-elected apparatshiks deciding our fate. 😮 Germany and Italy and France can claim what wonderful democracies they are, it’s no use when they themselves are governed by a fascist EU. 😦

              With every passing day I’m more happy about our decision to leave that crazy place. When I see right now, how the EU is dismantling themselves. getting rid of all its riches, jobs, industry and human rights and getting pulled down to the low low USA level, it fills my heart with sadness but also a grim joy.

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