Latest News from Ukraine and Poland

You’re probably heard about the rocket/bomb/whatever that exploded in Poland, near the Ukrainian border. And since you watch West TV and read West press you’ve been told it was a Russian attack, right?

No, it wasn’t the Russians. Since Poland, unfortunately, is a NATO member they would never fire a missile onto Polish territory. Russians are, as everybody knows, totally stupid but not stupid enough to risk WW3, ffs! Got that?


    • Yes, thank you Linda. Hubby also told me Washington made it clear already last night while I had a snorefest. Kinda astonishing how the AWACS planes are always totally up for the job to explain everything, but when the truth is inconvenient they don’t work. Remember that plane that was shut down over Ukraine in 2014, with hundreds of passengers? Unfortunately the AWACS were grounded and the Ukro air surveillance was offline that day. Weeeeiiiiird …


      • Well, many. of us realize every govt spins info as it sees fit. Esp as more and more history comes out as not matching reality. It’s only in the latter part of my lifetime that US history classes started teaching about the Japanese internment camps during WWII. And very very few Americans know that there was NO valid reaaon to bomb Japan, since it was known that they were ready to surrender.

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        • Buuut there was a reason for the nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Japanese were ready to surrender coz they were afraid of a looming Soviet invasion from the north. Of course America couldn’t have that and went tabula rasa.


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