Explosion, Fire and Sinking Route du Rhum. Nov 14LeMag, Amedeo’s IMOCA Sinks to the Bottom of Ocean

Damn long time since I linked you some RL sailing stuff, right? Well, with Covid outta the way now, the sail-racing world is slowly coming to its senses as well. And very spectacularly so with the famous Route du Rhum race:

Fabrice is OK and onboard a rescue ship headed towards the Azores. .At 11:32 UTC this morning, whilst heading to Cascais in Portugal on his IMOCA Nexans – Art & Fenêtres after a leak had forced him to leave the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe race course over the weekend, solo skipper Fabrice Amedeo had an explosion on board which was immediately followed by a fire.

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