Oubaas Therapy: Day 13,358

Totally new dirty lens pics from Koos, who obvsly loves to werk on a Sunday. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

2 narrow skylights on each side. Little LED lights in front, center, and behind them. The red will be swapped for Yellow … or amber as the experts call it.
Mockup of a little itsy bitsy mini spoiler at the transom. We’re thinking about putting additional reverse lights and a camera in.

Oh peoples, I’m soooo fuxn excited. This will be the mostest modernest 55 years old van on the planet!!! And when I’m driving him also the mostest sexiest. =^.^=


    • Considering his mastery of his main instrument, the hammer, for sure he brought out the dirtiest of the dirty lens as well.


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