Early Morning Linux Philosophy

Boah! This is so fuxn boring I hear you say. And you’re right! Boring the Top 5 are, aren’t they? But hey, we’re not watching a horse race here, not even a Miss America pageant. It’s just a comparison which project’s website got the most kliks during a certain time-span.

Nothing to gain from that info, nothing to lose.

Nevertheless, do we think it’s a fair list? Depends, I would say. Depends on my personal taste and bias. Well, I am biased on desktop Linux. An alternative to Windows or MacOS. So, for me the Top 5 could entirely do without MX. It’s a Debian-based distro, and in so far cool to power your server farm, rather than your personal laptop.

Ok, MX be gone, we have EOS ranked as #1, followed by the oh-so-comfy Minty Goodness and the also very comfy – for an Arch-based distro – Manjaro.

EOS being a bit too show-offy, freakshow distro for absolute geeks, we kik that one, too. Does nothing Manjaro couldn’t do – and do better – for my special use case I might add. Sure, you can make a full-time job of fine-tuning and maintaining Endeavour but do you want that? Is that what you do for fun?

And Pop is just stoopid. A nicer looking and poppy Ubuntu? Do we need that? Do we want that? I surely don’t. We have Mint for that! Why invent the wheel over and over again? Pop be gone!

(And let’s ignore #6 Fedora; no idea how that one managed to slip in. I must be blind or sumfink.)

Aha! You see, my personal Top 5 List has shriveled down to only 2 entries, Mint and Manjaro.

And honestly, we don’t need any more. I’m even okay with the ranking, Mint on top of Manjaro. As much as I prefer Manjo, Mint has made a far stronger cultural and technical impact than Manjaro.

Everybody agree wiff me?

Leave you comments below here in the comment section. There you can shout at me, vent your anger, try to persuade me of Pop’s usefulness or … ugh, just do what you wanna do.

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