Manjaro Is Not Arch !!!

And yet another YT Linux expert telling us that Manjaro ain’t ArchLinux.

Manjaro Is Not Arch !!!

A quick video covering mistakes most of us make when looking at Linux distributions. Explaining the difference between a distro and a spin. Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Really? Yes, really. I see that. You’re all right, by definiton is Manjo not Arch. There are some small differences that make it Not Arch.


So what?

I use the same terminal commands as in Arch.

I use Arch’s AUR.

The kernel? Pffff …

For all intents and purposes if it walks like Arch, and quacks like Arch, for me it is Arch.

OK? Glad we sorted that out. 😉

Next point on our Linux agenda for today:

Any of you tried TROM Jaro yet? It’s based on Manjaro but supposed to be better or sumfink.

On YouTube TROM Jaro is already a big hit.

Why don’t I install it and test it out for the blog myself?

Frens, I’m in kinda creative sump (<– Lazyness) and also I only have one keyboard to operate my 3 desktop computers from. And re-plugging that thing from one machine to the next is too much labour for me.

The lappy?

Yes, I could do that but by now hubby has made his second home on it and would be “Not angry but very very disappointed” if I was to fuk up his settings just for some stupid experiments.

Anyone up for it? I mean it’s just an Xfce desktop but looks rather pretty and comes with many nice customizations right out of the box. Supposedly.

Lemme know, ok?

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