Linden Lab Adds Genesis Viewer To The Third Party Viewer Directory

Exclusively for fuxn Windows? Ugh. :/

Only available in Windows flavour. 😦

I guess the makers of Genesis viewer shot themselves not in the foot but in the fuxn knee cap by not making a Linux version of this V1.2.3 style viewer. Everybody knows it’s particularly the Kool Linux Kidz using V1 viewers. Dammit.

Daniel Voyager

It appears that the lab added the TPV Genesis Viewer to the Second Life Third Party Viewer Directory back on 28th October 2022. Genesis is a 1.23 style viewer offering the latest features and offers high performance.

It’s a fast viewer according to the latest reviews and news coverage. It’s good for laptops and comes with a low memory footprint.

Download Genesis Viewer Here.

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