Today was Manjaro Update Day

First I updated MiniMax with the great fortnightly Manjaro update …
… followed by UltraOrc, our chic new lappytoppy. With today’s update came already an incremental kernel update from 6.0 to 6.1. But that one is ‘experimental’ so I didn’t install it. Orca is a krasy stuntgrrl but no geek ffs! Apart from that no problemo with the update, everything goes like clockwork.

How long am i back on Manjo by now? More than a year, right? That means I must have installed far more than 100 updates of different sizes and importance … and all of them only needed a single mouseklik.

And I and my machines are still alive and well!

For you that means not to be afraid of rolling release Linux distros like Arch and Manjaro for example. That shit is stable af. Highly recommended. 😉


  1. Of course it updated fine: Mint = Ubuntu = Debian = Updates with the speed of melasses. 😐
    But you should have gotten the latest version in that update … or isn’t that part of the normal update path?


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