Manjaro has a Problem!

Or so we’re supposed to believe according to some YouTube Linuxers:

Yes. Maybe Manjaro has a problem or is a problem or its devs are or whatever. And I don’t think those video experts are stupid, quite the contrary, I guess their vids are well thought out and present the problem in a concise way … if you’re special kind of Linux user, the normal Linux user.

Let’s face it, most Xers, as I call them/us, are real hobbyists, coders, experimentators, distro testers, professional users, hackers, networkers and other very important stuff. I can believe they are feeling neglected by the Manjaro developers. I will never know what exactly Manjaro’s problem is, as I tried to watch one video and didn’t even understand 10% of the technical jargon and what the supposed problem was about. The other video I watched in full was more or less just a rant about the project leads and how they treated the YouTuber.

Soooooo, you know, I pretend to be a stupid Russian, and despite everybody telling me that shit don’t werk, I’ll use it every day and am happy with it. That’s how the Russians get all their space rockets into space and their jetplanes to fly. They are just too daft to notice their shit don’t werk – so it werks!

Example Becca, hubby and I: Becca has 2 laptops running Manjaro I guess, hubby 1 and yours truly 1 laptop and 2 desktops. I dunno if Becca is a big vodka drinker, hubby and me don’t drink allohol at all. We don’t even have the excuse of being drunk like 1,000 Russkies so we must be totally plemplem. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Because on all our machines Manjaro runs like clockwork, day in day out. The fortnightly updates make no probs and are totally trustworthy.

Why is it that we don’t have any problems when we’re supposed to have many? Simples becoz we use our Manjaro systems like – TADAA! any other operating system. Just coz I’m running Linux doesn’t necessarily make me a geeky pentester or superhacker. Neither Becca or hubby. We are using our computers like normal computers, we’re blogging, e-mailing, surfing the web, we steal music and movies, watch YouTube, listen to music and engage in forums.

See, as long as you’re sticking to mom’n’pop computing and not actively trying to create trubbelz you won’t have any problems!

This used to be different a couple years ago. Manjaro was famous for breaking apart after the 3rd or 4th update, which was super nerve racking. And I, as a Mate desktop user was kinda doublefubared since the Manjo devs treated Mate like an unloved stepchild. Which led me on a wild goosehunt through the Arch Linux universe where I tested and used a handful other distros with more or less success and more or less good feeling. Now I’m back on Manjaro since more than a year, and not curious anymore but just enjoying a relaxed computer experience.


  1. I don’t find any problems with Manjaro, but then I am a big wine drinker ;P I certainly won’t watch those you tubes to listen to a bunch of gobblety gook.

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    • And that’s exactly how we must react to this “crisis”. While all the fundis are running around with their arms thrown up in the air, wringing their hands, shouting “Oioioioiiii…” we stupid amateurs just keep on computing with a ? mark on our faces, asking “Wot?”. Second Life werkz fine. JuuTjoob werkz fine. TPB werkz fine. Whaddaya want?

      It’s the same I say to Karmi every time when he’s about how bad everything in Linux is and that I can’t possibly werk with it. And yet I do.

      Our Manjo isn’t in the fuxn Top5 for no reason. Same as minty Mint, The Shit just werkz.
      But this is news for me: Not only streams of Russian vodka, but generously applied gurly wine werkz as well to make non-functioning operating systems werk! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      The more you know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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