Oubaas Therapy: Day 3

Day 3 and Koos took me to his workshop so I could look at the progress. He already made a rough mock-up.

Me: “Mornin’ Ouby, how are you?” Oubaas: “Ow! My head! 😦 “
Angle of the front skirting is much too flat for my taste. I asked Koos to make it steeper, somehow like the angle of the antenna. He needs to be reminded permanently that we’re not building a race car but a nice slow camper.
“Like so. But totally different!”
As I said, it’s a really rough mockup.
The rearside will not be slanted but straight up, and also get a tiny mini little spoiler thing. πŸ˜‰
Koos lifts the roof a bit, so it doesn’t look so floppy in the photo.
From a distance we can already see where the road is taking us.


    • Ya, Koos will take me shopping to some car spares stores soon-ish. We’ve been looking for lights already some weeks ago but couldn’t find the right ones.


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