Nothing New in Linux

It’s really boring these days, ain’t it?

This same constellation of the Top 5 Linux distros is with us since months, even years. All of them are showing a downwards trend but I guess the following 20 or more distros aren’t much different. That’s no reason to panic for any of the top ranked Linuxes, they are so well-established, it’s kinda impossible to remove or downvote them anymore.

It’s as I always said: Cream rises to the top, and depending on anybody’s taste, MX, EOS, Mint, Manjo and Pop seem to be the mostest smoothest and creamyest for many users. Those are truly the cream of the crop, the top of the pops!

Also let’s not forget the shrinking market for PCs, which brings with it a declining number of GNU/Linux users. And last but not least a maturity of many Linux distros – particularly the Top 5 – that easily matches and often surpasses that of Microsoft Windows and Apple’s MacOS.

So, here we are, once again with no changes. Pretty boring. But as I stated often, boring is good, boring is what we need! Of course were the earlier times of Linux much more exciting and experimental, new distros arrived at the scene, took it by storm … and then disappeared without leaving a trace. I can tell you, those you see in the ranks 1 – 5 now, even 1 – 20 or 30 won’t disappear so fast. They might change positions among each other but if any of them would be gone completely we’d notice. And they would be picked up by new developer teams and brought up to new heights. As happened with Antergos, which was abandoned in 2019 and was picked up immediately, renamed EndeavourOS, and reached top positions in 2020 already.

Why am I telling you all this?

Hmm, maybe just to show you once again that Linux is still a thing! Just because I don’t report about anything GNU/Linux and FOSS here in my little personal bloggy, just becoz I’m not curious about installing new, exciting distros every day anymore, doesn’t mean it was just a phase. Quite the contrary, me and hubby are using Linux exclusively on all our machines, except the smarty phone. But that time will come soon.

What does it mean for you?

Same as always I want you all to switch from WinApple over to GNU/Linux, pure and simple. My recommendation for you, to start out on is #3 in the DW chart, Linux Mint. The standard Ubuntu-based version on Cinnamon desktop environment. You should use that. If you run into trubbelz with your freshly installed Minty goodness, your fellow blogreaders Neil and staff writer Becca can help you out. Me, less so. Haven’t used Mint in years and am surely a bit rusty with that shit. 😐

Why only #3 and not #1 and 2, you ask? Because a higher rank doesn’t mean they are necessarily better. And most of all they are definately not better for a semi-blind n00b like you.

And because … just trust me. Ok?

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