• Yes. For now we’ve planned on narrow slits, perspex, 2 or 3 on each side. Thinking about adding some skylights as well.

      The top won’t be too high so it won’t look like a hydrocephalus but stays kinda elegant. Problem with motor in front but rear wheels driven is the driveshaft, which makes for a high bottom plate and less headroom on the inside. Standard is 1,40 meter, we’ll go to 1,70 so I won’t be able to stand fully erect. Total height of the van will be 2,30-2.40.

      Will not be able to get onto the parking lot of my favourite shopping mall anymore. 😦


    • Yes! But I won’t tell him to go clean his smarty phone. Old man’s got more pressing tasks at his hands. He’ll get me some time in the next days and take me for lights and perspex shopping and also see how I’ll fit in the hi top. He’s rigging up some jigs so I can say “higher” or “good so” or whatever.

      And you know me, amateur blogger that I am, I always have my Canon shooter in some or the other purse or pocket.

      Aaaaalso … you know what? When I saw the pics a rather stupid/cool idea came to mind. Why not leave it like it is now, fabricobble a textile roof, 2 CV style, and enjoy the open sky in the 90% sunny weather in southern Africa? Hm?

      Only problem I see is the high crime rate. You can’t use a convertible car as daily rider in SA. 😦


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