1 Döner? 8 €uros? :o Phuk Dat!

The infamous Döner index has reached crazy new heights. 😦

Germans go hungry due to completely phuked up EU politics. Ok, compared to McDonald’s dreck this wannabe Turkish delight is still totally worth it. 😉

We feel less and less inclined to travel to Germany next year. Having lots of Döner kebap was one of the very few positives we’ve looked forward to. Also Matjes and Bismarck herring rolls. But with the food prices right now, we feel in better hands here in Africa. Really.

Döner Kebap
Americans take note: Turks are for Germany what Mexicans are for you. Good cooks. And in Cologne they make 80% of the workers that build all the European Ford models.

For all of you ignorants: Döner was invented by Turkish kiosk owners in Berlin and is a bit similar to the Shawarma … only much better.

Chicken shawarma

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