Oubaas Goes to Therapy

8-ish a.m.: Oubaas happy as a clam in his parking bay. “Mornin’ Ouby! Ready to shuffle my ass to the gym?”
10:15-ish a.m.: Oubaas basking in the African sun like a boss.
11-ish a.m.. Oubaas can’t wait to get on the road while I do the groceries.
11:30-ish a.m.: Oubaas purring like a tiger* down the road …
… where he’s excited when we get close to Koos’ garage. He probably thinks he’ll get a new airfilter or his automatic fixed or sumfink smol.
Poor little schmuck doesn’t even notice that I’ve pulled him completely into the workshop. We only do that for very intense therapy sessions.

Naaaw, not gonna tell ya what we up to. You’ll see in the next coupla weeks. =^.^=



  1. Investigator‘ MNSKY says a new Van Top. Are you going to paint a Rashism “Z” (zwastika) on it like the invading Russian Fascists did, i.e., as in a show of your support for them?

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    • Van top, yes, but completely selfmade.

      And I already have a ZA stickered to the back of the van, not in support of the heroic alliance troops tho but as nationality sign for Zuid Afrika. My host govt already supports the Russians in the UN so I can feel good without doing anything. πŸ˜‰


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