Not Only That

Not only that, my dear Karmi. I’ve asked myself the same question. Why do the Linux hardware “manufacturers” always use the boring, bland and super unfrenly Ubuntu as basis to put their own spin on? After System 7’s Pop!_OS, now Germany’s Tuxedo computers have come up with their own intepretation of a pre-installed OS.

And of course they, too, choose Linux. 😦

Come on, guys, Ubuntu has had its time but is just an old and stale distro these days. Without installing and testing TuxedoOS1, and without even reading Karmi’s article in full, I can tell you already that TuxOS1, same as Pop! are just variations on a very old theme. Nothing that hadn’t been done – and done better – before.

As long as we have the kinda inventive and quirky and super duper user frenly Linux Mint, why are you people even trying, huh?

Karmi writes:

TUXEDO has created an excellent Desktop/Laptop OS, and then ruined it by putting the Enterprise focused Linux β€˜Nannyβ€˜in charge of the home user’s own computer instead of the home user. Insulting at best, IMHO.

That is most definately NOT the reason why we are using GNU/Linux, Tuxedo Computers! 😐 Delivering your hardware with a pre-installed – guaranteed to run fresh out of the box – operating system is generally a cool idea, spicing it up with wannabe corporatism is … oh, fuck off FFS!

I mean, ok, we are grown up adults, able to partition the storage and re-install our much nicer dream Linux on it, aren’t we? Get rid of the shit our new machine came with. No harm, no foul.

But why o why did you do it in the first place? Why not be fancy and creative and put your own Manjaro or Debian spin on the hardware? Or SuSE? Hey, than it’s basically all German-made. πŸ˜‰ Oh, Tuxedo’s laptops are made by Clevo in Taiwan btw, same as System 76’s.

PS: Yes, SuSE is named SUSE today and belongs to some international investment consortium. There is serious money behind SUSE, the kind Ubuntu’s owner, Canonical can’t even dream of. But its roots are in Germany, invention of a small software forge. If I was Tuxedo and tasked with putting our company’s own OS on our machines, I guess I’d go with the most user-frenly option and give the customers the choice of various distros. If even the very small Dutch company I got my Clevo lappy from, can do it, the high and mighty and famous Tuxedo should be able to deliver the same service.

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