Gigabyte is ShitCrapFuk

MiniMax on the way to the repair lady.


After one of the most recent loadsheddings, when I tried to switch on my main machine, the fan started blowing but the system didn’t start up. Lights on – nobody home. 😦 I have it with Gigabyte mobos, and particularly their workshop service here in the Cape. So I brought the machine over to the repair lady, let her deal with that shady character of chief electrician there.

UltraOrc on blogging duty.

Btw, UltraOrc is a fine little notebook but the kb is unfortunately the wurstet I ever had the misfortune to type on. So later today I’ll set up the better of my mini Lennys to take over the office duties. See, it’s always good to have many many computers in the house!

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