Who Else

… had this keyboard on their first PC? Remember the earth shattering buckling spring action and klickyklacky noise? Cherry Blues are nothing in comparison. Mhmmmm, good times. πŸ˜‰

My new keyboard is nearly as old as I am!

In this exciting episode of Veronica Explains, I share my most recent vintage computing find, an actual factual IBM Model M keyboard!

This keyboard – an IBM Model M 1390131 to be precise – is a legend for excellent feel and longevity- this one is from 1986 and feels (and sounds) like a dream.

It’s not just show-and-tell in today’s episode, though- I’ll be going into how I got it set up with my modern USB-only computer using a Soarer’s Computer- an excellent adapter which lets me remap keys, program macros, and other fun stuff.

It’s super neat and I hope you enjoy it!

I was so stupid and kicked my Model M in the bin when I got my second computer, preferred the quietness of the newfangled membrane keyboards of that time. :/


    • IBM stopped producing the Model M sometime in the early 90s, they are sought after rarities by now. I doubt your employer supplied you with one. Maybe some kb with Cherry blue switches, which are also loud and ultra klikky.


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