Linux for Beginners

Ok, this is dry and kinda very boring.

So don’t watch this video in case you’re totally happy with your Windows. How? Or if you’re on the technical level of a lesser gifted 2 y/o toddler. Or if you’re a typical girl with nothing but clothes, hairs and boys in the head. Why?

All the others, the more awesome boiz n grrlz, are advised to watchy this widdioh:

Tired of trying Linux and then just going right back to Windows? Well this is the video for you to understand Linux a LOT better!

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00:00 Linux Possibilities and Limitations
03:55 Starting Off and First Steps
08:33 First Install
09:43 First Boot and Config
11:53 First Terminal and REQUIRED Steps
13:25 After Reboot and Additional Config
16:10 Options in File Browsing and Other Programs
18:27 Changing the Desktop Environment
24:11 My Setup



    • You’re absolutely right, Becca. And then the things he told us … did I ever in my 9 years on Linux needed to know the file system structure and any such stuffz? I get around the system without such knowledge, and without any problems.

      As you said, that video was not very good for beginners. 😦

      But Terminal, hmmm, maybe it was my guruine’s fault that I was thrown into the Terminal very quickly. As reported a couple times, I was too stupid for Mint, so she told me to install a totally new distro, Manjaro. It wasn’t even at version 1 back then but 0.8.9 or such. And she also taught me that Terminal is much more elegant than endlessly clicking through many menus. So I slowly, very slowly, learned the most important Arch Linux commands. All good now. Even better, I forgot most of the stuff already since we don’t need it in everyday computing, do we?


  1. If you know where to go, a few clicks seems easier to me than memorizing a bunch of apt and sudo stuff. Maybe it’s because I’m used to the endless clicking through menus in SL πŸ™‚

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  2. And isn’t that the greatest thing about Linux? That freedom to do stuff the way most comfy/efficient for you?
    Oh hey, KDE expert, you tried other distros with KDE/Plasma desktop? I mean, Neon is supposed to be made particularly for KDE and KAos is doing great as well.


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