Baby Bears and Nordstream Kab00m

G’mornin’ my lovelies.

Have I already mentioned how happy I am to have escaped the €uropean madhouse? Anyhoo, here are some news. Let’s start with the good one:

Welcome home, baby bears.

Happy Ukrainians all around.
Congratz on the 4 new members of the Russian Federation. The future is yours!

Now a quick look at the American front:

So so, Trump was the wurst?
Biden dies peacefully, in his sleep. Not screaming in pain and panic like the rest of us. 😮

And there was a pipeline:

It was he USA, no doubt. Simple reasons: More votes for Biden in the upcoming election.
ABBA was okay, this is not!
This could’ve been hilariously funny if it wasn’t so unspeakably evil. 😦
They both amateurs, which makes them so dangerous.
Any questions?

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