• Remember the days of unlimited TP supplies? Mhm. See, here in the 2nd world we don’t need to remember those, we just go down to the store and get as many bogrolls as we fancy. From modern stuff like Chinese bamboo paper to the ultracheap locally produced 2 layers rolls we get it all. With or without printed decals on them, non-scratchy, nicely scratchy, terribly scratchy (my fave). 😉


    • Oh yes, tracing paper. That quality we have at the gym. You gotta pull out at least like 50 sheets and fold them 4x in order to have TP that won’t rip at first contact with your @$$. 😦


      • Particularly funny when the urge for a shit gets you under the shower: The thin tracing paper in concert with wet ass, wet hands and shit makes a nice papiermaché klump. Almost like artsy fartsy sculptures. 😮


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