Something different for me

Our friend Isa met with Hamlet, of NWN fame for a little co-op. Very interesting …

Isabelle Cheren

Well, I was asked if I would be interested in doing something a little different. You know me, why not and especially where I can talk the hind leg off someone. So, I have teamed up with Wagner James Au aka New World Notes to do a podcast type thing if you will.

We don’t just discuss Second Life, which frankly I’m all up for. Let’s just bring some conversation to the table and I may even learn something along the way.

Below are our first two episodes. You know me I do love to talk so it made sense. I’m however trying to get used to filming without being so anal about details. One of my OCD things to be honest.

I mean Friday I filmed a dance video and usually I’d go in and redo the whole thing when I notice a mistake. BUT I realised that often…

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