The Real New World Order …

… is multipolar. Did you know that the SCO and its member states represent ~60% of the world’s population, and is growing fast, very fast?

That’s the future!

Good morning my Smurfs. Let’s have a look at what’s going on in the world around our little blog village.

It’s happening right now! The greatest planetary revolution in human history. Still in western media this is totally ignored.

This ain’t G7. 😮
This ain’t G8 neither. This is muuuuch biggerer!

… and back to America’s Ukrainian war:

Of course not! They just voted in 2014 to join the Russian Federation.
He couldn’t accept the Minsk accords since he was torpedoed by UK/USA.
There dies another false flag attempt.
And the next media lie you all fell for is disproven.

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