Second Life University – How to Update your Avatar’s Body with Inithium Kupra Female Mesh Body

Interesting, based on practical applications:

Second Life University is a project that aims to teach people all about the vast virtual world of Second Life. Watch Resident Boston Blaisdale as he shows you how to update your avatar’s body using the Inithium Kupra Female Mesh Body.

Update your avatar with a new mesh body or head:…

Topics covered in this video:
0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Kupra female body is by Inithium
0:27 – Kario male body by Inithium tutorial can be found here:
0:49 – The body is also available at the Inithium mainstore:…
0:50 – and the Inithium Event:…
2:00 – Unpack the body and add the body and HUD
2:45 – Remove other body parts from current outfit using the worn tab in your inventory
2:55 – Open the starter pack in the body folder
3:19 – Apply skin in the starter pack, explanation of skins
4:05 – Watch Lelutka mesh head tutorial for more info:
4:33 – Explanation of shapes and rigging
5:10 – Explanation of HUD that comes with the body
5:29 – Turn on Advanced Lighting Model in Graphics Settings under Preferences to see body shine
5:53 – Tint the skin using the color picker in the HUD
6:23 – Customize nail shape and color
6:39 – Adjust foot position
6:51 – Try BOM layers that come with the body
7:12 – No alpha masking in this body to reduce complexity
7:44 – Try the clothing in the starter pack that comes with the body
8:05 – Explanation of alpha mask in the folder

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Second Life Blog:
Second Life Public Calendar:
Second Life on Social Media:

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