The Perfect Linux Distro Doesn’t Exist!

Later I’ll tell you why. But please let’s first watch this video that claims the opposite:

FINALLY! the perfect Linux Distro

I think I can finally stop distro-hopping. Norbara get Fedora and just makes it even better. For my hardware it works perfectly and this is the first time I had no reason to try something new. In this video we will talk about what this distro is, some of the modifications I’ve made and highlight my experiences with it.

Haven’t we established – already a long time ago – that stuff that is perfect for me, or for most users, doesn’t necessarily need to be perfect for another group or single users? I guess yes, we did. Coz it’s right.

The whole Linux infrastructure is so unbelievably vast and multi-faceted, we can find some distro which is perfect for you, or for me or for the TechHut guy, probably never for the three of us. And now multiply that by some millions and … ugh, you catch my drift, ya?

I don’t know too many other users: Here in the blog and from Second Life I know a handful, and then I “know” lots of Linux YouTubers, and believe me, not two of them are using 100% the same distro. Not even here at home, did we reach a consent. Yes, hubs n me are both on Manjaro, even on Mate DE but look at our desktops and the programs and apps we’re running, they look like totally different systems.

So, okay, maybe Nobara is indeed made in a way it satisfies most, or at lest many needs. But so does Mint. I’m happy for TechHut guy and that he has found his perfect distro but Nobara hasn’t even proven its mass attraction yet, so I guess it is almost criminally insane to sell it to us hapless watchers as “the perfect distro”.

I’m on Linux since almost 10 years now, and I can claim to have found the best distro … for me. ArchLinux base, Mate desktop, Mint-like mindset of the developers – it is Manjaro Linux! Superduper. I, too, see no reason to distrohop ever again. I would still never call it perfect, although it comes damned near. Manjaro is the best for me! For now. Maybe they break some stuff that is important for me, as they did many years ago and sent me on a wild goose hunt that lasted until a year ago.

It may happen again. And probably will. 😐 So please shut up about the perfect Linux distro and find your own! 🙂

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