Too Many Arch Distros?

Today I talk about Arch based distros. Do we really need so many?

Watchered the widdioh? Do you ask yourself the same question as Matt does?

I think the more the betterer! And isn’t it kinda like a badge of honour if a certain Linux is forked and distributed in so many different forms? There seems to be something endearing about ArchLinux, about the way you do stuff and how stuff werkz. Of course there are now many Arch-y distros and many don’t bring anything new to the table. So wot?

No, it’s not for everyone. And for many users Arch is only good as a tamed, luxurized version (/me lifts her hand) but the basis of Arch is fully great and persuasive. So, gimme more, no matter how small the differences may be. As you know is Linux about phreedum of choice, so the more phreedum we get, the besterer for us it is.

Yes, it’s great that the basic, the real Arch Linux now got a functional graphical installer that makes it installable by dummies (/me lifts hand again), but why would the other Arch-y distros stop development of the all-great Calamares installer? Calamares was here first, and … ugh, you need to install your system once, only once, in your – resp your computer’s – lifetime. 3 minutes up to 30 minutes, depending on your internet speed. And then you’re done with it and hopefully never need to use it again. So let’s not make a drama of it or base our decision for one or the other distro on a silly install routine.

Let’s rather enjoy the AUR, the weird command structure and the many many desktop environments and window managers, let’s enjoy the curated versions or the total lack of curation; in other words the total phreedum … and call it a day.

You either like the Arch way or you don’t. Just don’t be a n00b. The new installer won’t change that. It won’t automagically lift you up to geek status. Okay?


  1. 🙂 Despite going for vanilla Arch Linux, I am in favour of there being more distributions of Linux based on Arch. As you have rightly said, “The more, the merrier.”

    Matt is supposed to know by now that Linux is all about choice. Therefore, everyone should have the freedom to choose which Arch-based distribution they would like to install on their computer.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, Orca.

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