Manjaro Update 13.09.22

Hej, you one of those peeps afraid of rolling Linux releases? Why? What you fraidy of? Lemme show you today’s Manjaro update I just installed in a matter of 5 minutes, 2 minutes ago. If you’d please follow me:

Notice the red Update Ready symbol. Klik!
Mmmm,, yummy new and improved and very much sexy softwares. Klik on Übernehmen when you have a German computer.
Type in Your password, not mine, idjit!
Also lick on Übernehmen, or whatever it is in your lingo, for the summary.
Overly excited Orcsi checks for new Linux kernel! 5.19, \o/ Yay! \o/
Coupla minutes later, depends on your interwebz speed, and you’re beeing asked to reboot your machine.
Always sceptical Orcsibish checks in system settings if the new kernel has been installed. 5.19.7-1 is mine! YAY! I wouldn’t touch 6.0 yet coz it’s an experimental (“experimentell” in German) Release Candidate. I might be a stupid stunt grrl but not that stupid! 😐

And that’s it already. 5 minutes, maybe 6 with checking and photo session. Done! If you’re on dial-up modem it might take a tad longer.

In Manjaro you’re kinda save from System Updates for approximately the next 2 weeks. There might be the one or other security or Firefox update but they are generally trustworthy and you can install them when you see them. At least in Linux you have the choice to ignore everything up to the point your ‘puter ‘splodes. Microsoft won’t even ask before they shove all sorts of shit onto your harddrive.

Here’s your Windows update, ma’am.


    • Jeez I hope not! 😮

      Even here in South Africa more and more people get fibre, and our little neighbour Namibia has wifi 5G along all major roads already since a couple years. I can’t imagine any country so far behind they connect with dial-up. Even Germany is a bit more advanced by now.


    • Cool!
      Or Kool as KDE fans would say. 😉 I hear it’s wonderful and full of new little goodies. It came with the last update or did they have you jump through fiery hoops? Believe me, if I wasn’t so settled in my ways and still curious I’d be on KDE as well.


        • I don’t wanna brag (bullshit, of course I wanna brag) but isn’t it amazing how much more user-friendly and mature some Linux distros are in comparison to Windows?

          Coming to think of it, maybe it’s a sign of Manjaro’s quality that it is the sole distro I’m using for a second time. All other distros either died on me (NamibOS) or were too labour intense and problematic (Endeavour) for me to use as a daily rider. Manjo is reliable and luxurious as Mint and nifty as Arch. Perfect.

          Maybe let the blog readers know about the changes in the newest Plasma version?


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