Omicron Diary: Day 897

Hello you little wonders! 🙂

Very sorry to interrupt your pleasant Saturday afternoon but here at the arse-end of the world a well-known monster is believed to be lifting its ugly head once again. 😦

“Some doctors in private practice”. Uh ok. Some pompous posers needed to stir the long-dead shit, or what? Shame on them. And shame on IOL. And shame on Orca for falling for the panicked headline. 😦

And this?

Why would SA need to brew its own vaccine? Now hat the pandemic is over and the govt is sitting since months on stockpiles of unwanted and not needed doses of various vaccines? Riddle me that Prof Jeena.

Don’t you have more important articles to write, IOL? Shouldn’t you worry about the faith of the planet and the western civilisation now, without Lizzy? See, those are real problems.

Still, have a nice day everybody.


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