Karmi’s Found a New Arch Linux

The old man is still good for the one or other cool surprise discovery!

Sounds all very nice, and can only become better, as Crystal Linux is still “under development”. I mean what software product isn’t? I’m gonna try it as soon as I get out of this partial paralysis, generally known as debilitating lazyness.

Crystal comes, among other, lesser ones, also with our two most favourite DEs, Cinnamon and Mate. So it should be easy to get into, right?

Yes, doctor, they are here with us in the blog!

Now I have a second dilemma. Don’t wanna install Crystal on the new lappy, and both keyboards of my mini Lennies have been deemed unrepairable by my hardware repair lady. That would mean I must unplug this keyboard and put it on the install computer, which then means I can’t use this one. Should I try to find a multiswitch so I can use this one keyboard on all three ‘puters? Yes, will do that first before attempting to install a new system.

Gotta connect the keyboard with the two Lenovos. Hold my cocos water, gonna go shopping now …


  1. It does look interesting, huh! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Geez…I have keyboards coming out my yang yang. All but two are wireless wid USB dongles…the two other are one-corded ‘n other Bluetooth, and I don’t use the corded except in emergencies. As much testing as you did before your infamous “debilitating lazyness” set in it might be time to spring for a wireless keyboard to use between just your test computers. My main keyboard is a โ€œBacklitโ€ โ€“ VELOCIFIRE TKL02WS 87 Key Wireless…the rest are not as good, IMHO. I use a Sabrent 4-Port Mini USB 2.0 Rotating Hub to hold the USB dongles for keyboard ‘n mouse…just move it to a different computer when testing. Have never tried a multiswitch for keyboards tho…

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    • “it might be time to spring for a wireless keyboard”
      Will get one when we’re in Germany the next time. Believe it or not, I’m rather fond of my Germanized qwertz layout with ร„ร–รœ and รŸ keys, very hard to get here at the ass end of the world.

      “VELOCIFIRE TKL02WS 87 Key Wireless”
      Congratz on that, the tenkeyless form factor is my favourite size. When I bought mine I guess the technology wasn’t that good at the time. And anyway, kb is just sitting on the table, doesn’t go nowhere, unlike my mice, which must be wireless.

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